Monforfon Documents Archive

Letter from "academic experts" in mine safety on HR 2758, July 25, 2007 (here)

UMWA Testimony on HR2768 and HR2769 (here)

Steelworker Testimony on HR2768 and HR 2769 (here)

Steelworkers (Oral Statement) on HR2768 and HR 2769 (here)

MSHA 25th Anniversary document (here)

OSHA Improvement Legislation (S1244) (HR2049)

Foulke Response on Cintas to Woolsey (May 2007)

US Bureau of Mines: Electronic Tracking of Trapped Miners (1976) (here)

USDOL Semi-Annual Regulatory Agenda for MSHA and OSHA (April 2007) (here)

Mine Disaster Family Assistance Act of 2007 (here)

Ban Asbestos in America Act (Senate vote, Oct 4, 2007) (here)

Miller and Roybal-Allard letter to OIRA's Susan Dudley, October 29, 2007 (here)

Ron Wooten memo on coal fatalities on weekend shifts, October 29, 2007 (here)

OSHA Fairness Coalition on S-MINER Act (here)

Family-member victims of workplace fatalities: news release (here) and Bill of Rights (here)

Minnesotan one of four dead, Star Tribune Nov 2 2007 (here)

Four dead at toxic pit in Village of Superior, Duluth News Tribune, Nov 2, 2007 (here)

Screen shot OIRA Nov 2, 2007, Confined Space (here)

Tyler Kahle, 19, mine fatality victim, Nome, Alaska (photo)

Craig Bagley, 27, mine fatality victim, Nome, Alaska (photo)

Christopher Doughty, 18, construction fatality victim, San Antonio, Texas (photo)

Donald Smtih, 22, workplace fatality victim, Texas (photo)

Paul King, 50, Memorial (here)

"Justice for Chad" petition (here)

APHA Policy Resolution on TSCA (here)

APHA Policy Resolution on Food Production Sustainability (here)

OSHA Final Rule Employer Payment for PPE, November 15, 2007 (here)

McAteer's Monongah book cover

Matthew Indeglia, 20, victim of Salem Harbor Power Station blast (here)

Mark Mansfield, 41, victim of Salem Harbor Power Station blast (here)

Phillip Robinson, 56, victim of Salem Harbor Power Station blast (here)

New York Times article on industrial boilers, November 16, 1902 (here)

Recusal Statement of Federal Judge Gray H Miller November 20 2007 (here)

BP Victim's Motion in Opposition to BP's Plea Agreement Nov 20 2007 (here)

Prof. Rick Honaker Op-Ed, Nov26 2007 (here)

Confined Space in Construction OSHA proposed rule (here)

SLT Photos Paint a Grim Picture 11 22 2007 (here)

SLT Feds Turn Over Mine Probe Data 11 21 2007 (here)

NY Times on Monongah Dec 6 1907 (here)

Senate passes watered down energy bill, Forbes Dec 13, 2007 (here)

Walsh MP. The global experience with lead in gasoline and the lessons we should apply to the use of MMT. Am J Ind Med. 2007;50(11): 853-860. (here)

Screen shot of MSHA's Asst. Secretary page Jan 3, 2008 (here)

FOIA to NIOSH on Mine Safety Research Grants, Aug 21, 2007 (here)

HHS/CDC Interim Response to Aug 21 2007 FOIA (here)

Table of Selected NIOSH grants for mine technology (here)

Petition to MSHA for Better Miners' Rights Training (here)

News Release on Petition for Miners' Rights (here)

11(c) Complaint against Second Housing Co Inc. (here)

Consent Judgement Second Housing Co Inc. (here)

Monforton Testimony at MSHA Public Hearing on Proposed Rule on Asbestos, Oct 2005 (here)

Sago Presentation (here)

Office of Technology Assessment Report on OSHA Standards, 1995 (here)

Accident Report 2/20/08 (here)

DOL Reg Agenda Dec 2007 (here)

OSHA SBREFA SERs Beryllium (here)

OSHA SBREFA Report on Beryllium Rulemaking, January 2008 (here)

Rhode Island COSH Petition to OSHA 2002 (here)

Howard v Chao Petition March 2008 (here) and DOL's Motion to Dismiss, May 2008 (here)

Flooded Village Files Suite NYTime Feb 2008 (here)

Letter from Oppegard to SOL Whiting, April 2008 (here)

House Panel to Examine Cintas Safety Record, April 2008 (here)

Petitions to Review MSHA's Feb 29, 2008 Asbestos health standard (here and here)

Fetty to Stickler on Training Initiative April 2008 (here)

Duncan to Fetty on Training Initiative, May 2008 (here)

David Kohn "It's time to stop a tragic waste" (Baltimore Sun, May 11 2008)

State Report on Chad Cook's Death May 2008 (here)

Ray of Hope, Akron Beacon Journal, May 11, 2008 (here)

Popular Science's Inventions Award 2008 (here)

Churches Go Green (here)

Petition to MSHA for Rulemaking on Miners' Statutory Rights, Feb 2008 (here) and Rejection letter from MSHA, April 2008 (here)

NHTSA FMVSS No 216, Comments (Advocates Hwy Safety) (Lawler), 73 Fed Reg 5486 (here), and 70 Fed Reg 49246 (here)

Crane and Derrick Safety: NegReg Committee members (here), establishing Committee (here), Reg Agenda May 2008 (here), Reg Agenda Dec 2007 (here)

DuPont to EPA (TSCA) on Carcinoid Tumors, Dec 2007 (here)

DuPont Plant Linked to Cancer, DelawareOnLine, June 10, 2008 (here)

AP Story on DuPont Cancer Cases, June 2008 (here)

Marsh et al, 2007 (here)

Esman et al, 2007 (here)

Letter from Crane NegReg Committee members to Elaine Chao, March 2008 (here)

Podziba Op-Ed NYTimes June 2008 (here)

Senator Clinton letter to Foulke on Cranes, May 30 2008 (here)

T2 Laboratory June 18 Citations, (here)

OSHA Citations to T2 Laboratory June 18, 2008 (here)

CDC Announcement about John Howard July 3 2008 (here)

OIRA EO 12866 Review, Screen Shot, July 8 2008 (here)

Kennedy and Miller's letter to Elaine Chao on proposed risk assessment rule July 10 (here)

"A Pointless Departure" NY Times on NIOSH John Howard July 11 2008 (here)

Atlanta Journal Constitution, John Howard, July 9, 2008 (here)

Complaint to DOL IG on Fulmer case (here)

DOL IG Response to Complaint (here)

NY Times Editorial No Friend of Workers July 18 2008 (here)

Furchtgott-Roth New Rules for OSHA July 18 2008 (here)

DOL Risk Assessment Proposal July 2008 (here)

Tom Bethell, Editorial, The Mountain Eagle, August 6, 2008 (here)

NYTimes editorial, Greed Above, Death Below, August 7, 2008 (here)

FOIA to OSHA on Petitions for Rulemaking, March 21, 2008 (here)

OSHA response to FOIA on Petitions for Rulemaking, April 16, 2008 (here)

Followup to OSHA on FOIA on Petitions for Rulemaking, May 9, 2008 (here)

OSHA response to my followup letter, May 30, 2008 (here)

Monforton FOIA to Foulke on procedures for handling petitions for rulemaking, June 16 2008 (here)

Foulke response to Monforton, August 13, 2008 (here)

OMB webpage screenshot, DOL Risk Assessement, Consistent w/ Change, Aug 25, 2008 (here)

Salt Lake Tribune editorial "Deceitful disclosure: Crandall Canyon disclosure will chill investigations" August 26, 2008 (here)

CHE Consensus Statement on Cancer and the Environment, August 2008 (here)

Clapp, R. Presentation before the President's Cancer Panel on "Cancer and the Environment," Sept 16, 2008 (here)

Mirer, F. Presentation before the President's Cancer Panel on "Cancer and the Environment," Sept 16, 2008 (here)

Finkel, A. Presentation before the President's Cancer Panel on "Cancer and the Environment," Sept 16, 2008 (here)

DOL Motion to Dismiss Scott Howard case, July 14, 2008 (here)

Response to DOL's Motion to Dismiss, July 23, 2008 (here)

UMWA letter to MSHA objecting to public hearing process on drug-testing proposed rule (here)

DOL note in docket about "copyrighted" material in an open access journal (here)

DOL note in docket about "copyrighted" material published by federal employees (here)

Mike Wright, USW, on MSHA's proposed rule on drug testing public hearing statement (here)

USW letter to MSHA asking for another public hearing, extension of comment period (here)

UMWA letter to MSHA asking for another public hearing (here)

OSHA Proposed Rule on Crane Safety Oct 9, 2008 (here)

Institute for the Study of Regulation letter to OMB Director Nussle, Sept 5 2008 (here)

Institute for Policy Integrity memorandum, Oct 22, 2008 (here)

OIRA's Susan Dudley to Revesz, Oct 9, 2008 (here)

Dave Kotelchchuck's acceptance speech for Alice Hamilton Award (Oct 28 2008)

Las Vegas Review Journal story on Getchell Mine Fatality, Nov 2008 (here)

Edwin Foulke's fairwell message to OSHA staff Nov 7 2008 (here)

OSHA's Chronology of Ergonomic Activities (here)

Card Memo on Regulatory Review, January 20, 2001 (here)

Susan Dudley Commentary on "Midnight Regulations," 2001 (here)

NYTimes Editorial on Card Memo, 2001 (here)

Brief of Petitioner Scott Howard in U.S. Court of Appeals for 6th Circuit, Nov 18, 2008 (here)

RegInfo Nov 24 2008 on DOL Health Risk Assessment Rule (here)

Screenshot Buffer Zone rule OMB OIRA Dec 2, 2008 (here)

Mass Transport fatality, OSHA screenshot (here)

OSHA extending comment period on cranes and derricks proposed rule (here)

NAHB asking for extension of comment period (here) and request for public hearing (here)

Nat Lumber & Building Material Dealers Association request for extension (here)

Alberici Constructors request for extension (here)

Alllied Building Products Corp request for extension (here)

Behlman Builders request for extension (here)

Assoc General Contractors req for extension (here)

ADSC Safety Committee rejecting idea of an extension of comment period (here)

ASSE request for extension (here)

 Bellows Builders request for extension (here)

U.S. Senators urging Sec Chao to act on OSHA's cranes and derricks proposal (here)

OSHA VPP Challenge Program Slide, Screenshot Dec 14, 2008 (here)

AFL-CIO on OSHA proposed rule on clarifying employers responsibilities on PPE and training (here)


COSH on Solis Dec 19 2008 (here)

COSH to Obama Transition Team (here)

USMWF to Obama Transition Team (here)

APHA-OHS Section to Obama Transition Team (here)

SEJ Letter to EPA on TVA, Jan 2008 (here)

Buck Mountain injury reports 2008 (here)

Pres Obama notice on developing new Executive Order on Regulatory Review Feb 3 2009 (here)

Letter to Kentucky Legislators on HB 119, Feb 23, 2009 (here)

Kentucky HB 119 (here)

Application (Student) and (Union Rep)\

U.S. Surgeon General's responses (2004 and 2006) to ADAO (here)

Keogh Scholarship Awardees 2005-2008 (here)

NAHB written comments on proposed crane rule (here)

NYCOSH written comments on proposed crane rule (here)

Teamsters written comments on proposed crane rule (here)

SBREFA Report on OSHA Crane Proposal (here)

Podziba NegReg Cranes 2004 (here)

CDAC RegNeg Ground Rules Adopted Sept 2003 (here)

Int'l Union Operating Engineers on OSHA Crane Proposal (here)

AGC Notice of Intent to Testify (here)

AFL-CIO Building Construction Trades Department, Notice Intent to Testify (here)

Edison Electric OSHA Crane hearing (here)

NYC on OSHA Crane Proposal (here)

Specialized Carrier & Rigging Association Notice Intent to Testify (here)

Kleinfield, Greenhouse. For Injured Workers, a costly legal swamp.  NYTimes March 31, 2009 (here)

Report of the National Commission on State Workmen's Compensation Laws, July 1972 (138 page PDF)

OSHA EEP End of Year Report March 19 2009 (here)

Post-hearing notice OSHA Crane proposal, April 1, 2009 (here)

DOL Reg Agenda May 12 2009, Selected Items

OSHA: Cranes

OSHA: Respirable Silica

OSHA: Beryllium

OSHA: Noise Construction Workers

OSHA: Combustible Dust

OSHA: Confined Space in Construction

MSHA: Respirable Silica

MSHA: Respirable Coal Dust Limit

MSHA: Coal Dust Plan Verification

MSHA: Coal Dust Continuous Monitoring I

MSHA: Coal Dust Continuous Monitoring II

MSHA: Verification of Coal Dust Limits

MSHA: Proximity Devices


Office of Secretary: Risk Assessment for Occupational Health Hazards

Oppegard respose to Malecki letter denying FOIA request, April 16, 2009

CalOSHA inspectors letter to Cal OSHA Appeals Board June 13 2009 (here)

Joe Oudiz exit interview letter June 16 2009 (here)

Unredacted legal memo on haulage road jurisdiction in Chad Cook's fatality (here)

Letter and check for burial expenses sent to Chad Cook's parents (here)

Post-hearing comment on OSHA Crane Rule by AFL-CIO, BTD, NYCity Building Dept, Int'l Union Op Engineers, Edison Electric Institute.

APHA OHS Section Agenda Nov 7-11, 2009

Amicus Brief filed by NMA in Howard v. Chao, Jan 2009

Scott Howard v. Secretary, 6th Circuit, Decision, July 6, 2009 (here)

Engineered Construction Products, OSHA citation April 2009 (here)

Engineered Construction Products, OSHA Screenshot, July 13, 2009 (here)

FOIA to OSHA on Eng Constr Products (here)

Diacetyl SBREFA report July 2009 (here)

Senate PAWA 111th Congress (S.1580) and introductory stmt in Cong Record

House PAWA 111th Congress (HR 2067)

HR 242 (Green) Recording Reporting I/I

HR 849 Combustible Dust (Miller, 2009)

HR 2067 Whistleblowers (Woolsey, 2009)

HR 2113 Reporting (Hare, 2009)

HR 2199 Imminent Danger (Bishop, 2009)

HR 2381 Patient Handling (Conyers, 2009)

VPP Administrative Changes (Aug 2009)

OSHA Referrals to DOJ (2006 to 7/31/09)

OMB OIRA Reg Review Screenshot (5/2009) (Aug 12, 2009)

Appalachian Citizens' Law Center petition to MSHA on coal dust and silica (Sept 2009)

MSHA interim response to petition, Sept 24, 2009

ACLC Press Release on Petition 

Letter in support of petition Sept 4 2009

ADAO News Release, Sept 15, 2009

Miller et al letter to OSHA on reactives, Sept 2009

Labor organizations' petition to OSHA on PSM, 2003

AAAS letter in support of David Michaels to head OSHA, to Sen Harkin Sept 2009

AAAS letter in support of David Micheals to head OSHA, to Sen Enzi Sept 2009

APHA letter in support of David Michaels to head OSHA, Sept 2009

Flavoring Extract Manufacturers in support of David Michaels to head OSHA,2009

US Chamber of Commerce letter regarding David Michaels, Oct 2009

Screenshot OIRA, OSHA combustible dust pre-rule notice, September 25, 2009

SC Commission report on House of Raeford, Sept 2009

OSHA rules: months from proposal to final

OHS Section Schedule and Program 2009

OHS Section Awards Program 2009

Health Activists Dance & Party 2009

OHS Membership & Section Meetings, 2009

OHS Section News Release about Awardees, 2009

Reid, Seth Harris and NIOSH John Howard imposter, screenshot Oct 25 2009

Cong Miller and Woolsey letter to CSB Bresland on transparency, Nov 10, 2009

OIG (FEMA/HHS) on CSB March 2002

Letter from SHEA IDSA APIC to White House opposing guidelines on N95 respiratory protection for healthcare workers exposed to H1N1, Nov 2009

DOL Inspector General's Report on MSHA investigation of Martin County KY coal waste impoundment disaster Oct 2000

Email request to INOSHA on Jonathan Guilford fatality May 2008

INOSHA initial response, Aug 12, 2009

INOSHA followup response, Aug 19, 2009

Monforton followup inquiry Sept 23, 2009

IN-OSHA citations for fatality investigation of Jonathan Guilford, 25 employed by Phoenix of Tennessee, May 16, 2008

Heather Smith complaint, federal district court, Nov 2009

Description of disgusting hostile work environment in MSHA's Madisonville, KY office by behavior of supervisor Robert Gray

MSHA's anti-sexual harassement policy memo, Summer 2009

  Fall 2009 DOL Reg Agenda (View Rule)

OSHA: Beryllium

OSHA: Crystalline Silica

OSHA: Diacetyl

OSHA: Cranes and Derricks

OSHA: Combustible Dust

OSHA: Recordkeeping adding MSD Column

OSHA: Airborne Infectious Agents

OSHA: Confined Space Construction

OSHA: Hearing conservation Construction

MSHA: Crystalline Silica

MSHA: Lowering Coal Dust Limit

MSHA: Coal Dust Plan Verification

MSHA: Determination of coal dust (single shift)

MSHA: Coal Mine Dust Personal MonitorsMSHA: MNM Impoundments

MSHA: Proximity Devices

Antenna Tower Fatalities April-May 2008

  *Structural Systems, Victim Darren Joe Reed, May 22, 2008 (OSHA Screenshot)

  *Phoenix of Tennessee, Victim Jonathan Guilford, May 2008, (OSHA Screenshot)  

*Overland Contracting, Victim Mark Haynes, April 2008 (OSHA Screenshot)

   *Ransor Inc, Victim James Friesenhaun, April 2008 (OSHA Screenshot)

    *MGM Group, Victim Charles Wade Lupton, April 2008 (OSHA Screenshot)  

 *Cornerstone Tower, Victim's hame unknown, (OSHA Screenshot)

NV-OSHA response to Federal OSHA Nov 2009

Gonzalez JS. "A Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow: an Economic Incentive-Based Approach to OSHA Whistleblowing," Jan 2010

SKAPP letter to FDA on diacetyl and GRAS designation, Dec 3, 2009 (here)

FDA response (Jan 28, 2010) to SKAPP on diacetyl

House and Senate letter to GAO on whistleblower, March 4, 2010 (here)

Response to GAO April 2009 (here)

Jason Zuckerman statement March 4, 2010

Secretary Elaine Chao OSHA slide National Injury Rates 2003-2006 (here)

Marlene Griffith request to MSHA for public hearing on Massey UBB disaster (here)

Exxon Valdez Public Health Response April 1989 (here)

DOL Solis Spring 2010 Unified Agenda Items

  MSHA: Coal Dust Disease Prevention (here)

  MSHA: Crystalline Silica (here)

  MSHA: Proximity Devices (here)

  MSHA Smoke Density and Toxicity (here)

  MSHA: H&S program (here)

  MSHA: Patter of Violations (here)

  MSHA: Monetary Penalties (here)

  OSHA: Crystalline Silica (here)

  OSHA: Hearing Conservation Construction   Workers (here)

   OSHA: Confined Space Construction (here)

   OSHA: Combustible Dust (here)

   OSHA: Beryllium (here)

   OSHA: Food Flavoring Diacetyl (here)

   OSHA: Infectious Disease (here)

   OSHA: Recordkeeping SIC to NAICS (here)

   OSHA: OSHA 300 Log MSD column (here)

   OSHA: Global Harmonization HazCom (here)

   OSHA: Inj & Illness Prevent Program (here)

House Members letter to JBarab on Reactives, Sept 18 2009 (here)

Flowchart dissecting OSHA's SVEP, April 2010

Becky McClain case: Investigation by CT Dept Public Health (here)

Becky McClain case: response from OSHA Sept 2006 (here)

Becky McClain v Pfizer Jury Verdict May 2010 (here)

Sen. Mitch McConnell's response to TMiser on PAWA, June 2010 (here)

OMB OIRA Complete review "consistent with change" of OSHA Crane rule, 6/22/10 (here)

USMWF Press Release on worker safety bill, July 2, 2010 (here)

Monforton Flowchart of OSHA rulemaking (PPT here)

OSHA letter to power plants re: gas blows, August 27 2010 (here)

EPA TSCA 8(e) notice against Elementis Chromium, Sept 2010 (here)

Screenshot OMB/OIRA Meetings OSHA Sept 20, 2010 (here)

Screenshot OMB/OIRA Meetings OSHA Sept 24, 2010 (here)

Fed OSHA letter to Hawaii about State Plan, Sept 2010 (here)

Screeenshot OMB/OIRA Extension Review OSHA reporting MSD Column (here)

OSHA v. Ben Hur Construction (re: death of Steven Lillicrap)

   Serious violation 1926.550(a)(1)

   Serious violation 1926.550(a)(8)

   Willful Violation 1926.503(a)(2)(iii)

   Notice to amend citation

   ALJ Decision, Nov 3, 2010

OIRA Screenshot, Nov 16, 2010 Extended Review of OSHA Rule MSD Column (here)

OIRA Screenshot, Dec 6, 2010 Reg Review MSD column on form, (here)

OIRA Screenshot, Dec 20 2010 Reg Review MSD column on form (here)

DOL Regulatory Agenda Fall 2010 (Dec 20, 2010)

OSHA: Beryllium (here)

OSHA: Diacetyl (here)

OSHA: Infectious Disease (here)

OSHA: I2P2 (here)

OSHA: Reinforcing & Post-Tensioned Steel Construction (here)

OSHA: Construction Backing Ops (here)

OSHA: Silica (here)

OSHA: Walking/Working Surfaces (here)

OSHA: Combustible Dust (here)

OSHA: Modernizing Recordkeeping (here)

OSHA: SIC to NAICS (here)

OSHA: Constr Confined Space (here)

OSHA: Electric Power Trans Dist (here)

OSHA: HazCom Global Harmonization (here)

OSHA: Recordkeeping MSD Column (here)

MSHA: MNM Impoundments (here)

MSHA: Silica (here)

MSHA: Coal Mine dust (here)

MSHA: H&S Management System (here)

MSHA: Civil Penalties (here)

MSHA: Rock Dust (here)

MSHA: Proximity Detection (here)

MSHA: Pattern of Violations (here)

OSHA Screenshot, Enforcement Page, CA Franc, Dec 20, 2010 (here)

ABC to Issa Jan 2011 (here)

OMB/OIRA Screenshot OSHA reporting Jan 20 2011 (here)

EO13563 Improving Regulations and Regulatory Review, Jan 2011  (here)

Presidential Memorandum on Regulatory Compliance, Jan 2011 (here)

Presidential Memorandum on Reg Flex, Small Business and Job Creation (here)

Chemical Safety Board Investigation Report on Bayer CropScience disaster (here)

Workers Rights Center report Madison Wisconsin Jan 2011 (here)

Screenshot OIRA Review OSHA MSD, MSHA POV, January 27, 2011 (here)

Report to US Surgeon General, Protecting the Health of 80 million Americans, 1965 (here)

National Research Council report "Counting Injuries and Illnesses in the Workplace: Proposals for a Better System," 1987 (cover page and table of contents)

Gavilon Grain, Morral OH site citations 3/14/2011 (here)

Gavilon Grain Harpster site citation 3/14/2011 (here)

Gavilon Grain West Jefferson site citations 3/14/2011 (here)

Producers Rice Mill, Stuttgart, AR, Dec 2010 citation (here)

IARC on fibers, May 2009 (here)

OIRA screenshot meeting record April 11, 2011 (here)

OIRA screenshot meeting record April 11, 2011 (here)

OIRA screenshot meeting record, May 5, 2011 (here)

MSHA letter to UBB families transmitting some witness transcripts, May 6, 2011 (here)

NPR & Charelston Gazette motion to prevent sealed record May 27 2011 (here)

OIRA Screenshot Documents under Review June 3, 2011 (here)

Republican Debate PH scorecord template, June 2011 (here)

Republican Debate Completed Scorecard, June 13, 2011 (here)

OMB OIRA Review screenshot OSHA draft proposed rule on silica June 13, 2011 (here)

OIRA meeting record June 8, 2011 on OSHA silica (here)(NSSGA handout)

OIRA meeting record June 14, 2011 on OSHA silica (here)(Portland Cement handout)

American Chemistry Council Silica Panel 2002 document (here)

Harkin et al letter on Silica to Jacob Lew, July 2011 (here)

DOL Reg Agenda Spring 2011 (July 7, 2011)

  OSHA: Beryllium (here)

   OSHA: Diacetyl (here)

   OSHA: Infectious Disease (here)

   OSHA: I2P2 (here)

   OSHA: Reinforcing & Post-Tensioned   Steel Construction (here)

  OSHA: Construction Backing Ops (here)

  OSHA: Silica (here)

  OSHA: Walking/Working Surfaces (here)

   OSHA: Combustible Dust (here)

  OSHA: Modernizing Recordkeeping (here)

  OSHA: SIC to NAICS (here)

   OSHA: Constr Confined Space (here)

   OSHA: Electric Power Trans Dist (here)

   OSHA: HazCom Global Harmon (here)

   OSHA: MSD Column (here)

  MSHA: MNM Impoundments (here)

  MSHA: Silica (here)

  MSHA: Coal Mine dust (here)

  MSHA: H&S Management System (here)

  MSHA: Civil Penalties (here)

  MSHA: Proximity Detection (here)

  MSHA: Pattern of Violations (here)

MS-Excel version of OSHA SVEP employer log, July 2011 (here)

Jetka Steel Erectors citations Dec 2010 (here)

Jetka Steel & OSHA settlement agreement June 2011 (here)

OSHA rulemaking flowchart (here)

Motion filed in federal court by DOL to compel Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance to provide records, January 20, 2011 (here)

Grinnell's response to DOL's motion, Feb 2011 (here)

Solis v Grinnell decision, May 2011 (here)

OIRA review W&H child labor proposed rule screenshot (here)

APHA OHS Section news release Section Awards Sept 2011 (here)

Regulatory Accountability Act (S.1606) Portman, Pryor, Smith, Peterson (here)

Lawson & Young letter on dust sampling technology 2000 (here)

OSHA SVEP list October 2011 (here)

OIRA Review Screenshot Nov 23 2011 (here)

Haasbach settlement agreement with OSHA, Dec 2011 (here)

MSHA Tech Support Lucky Friday mine, Dec 2008 (here)

Naveen Sangji letter to District Attorney, Dec 2011 (here)

Cal-OSHA citations against UCLA (Sheri Sangji death) (here)